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Our customers

C.A 5 mds d’€, 300 mn de cartons distribués


Many years of experience made us experts in the development of off season-fruit within our distributor network.


We keep holding an important position on every “MIN” in France. By widening constantly our range of product, we still diversify and keep our position of leader on the product of import.



The primary function of DOLE FRANCE is to supply and satisfy the French market. We are also really active within the European market, thanks to unique competences internally.

Our market is composed of different players, such as wholesalers or supermarkets and hypermarkets, our customer service remains our priority.

The service we offer is not only about delivering the right product, it is also finding a logistical solution appropriate, while respecting every step of the supply chain. The quality of the products being unavoidable, we control every single step from the producer to the arrival of the products for our customers.

We implement everything we have to guarantee the constant availability of our products in the sizes needed. Every client specificity can be taken into account through a special quality, a specific packaging…

In developing and carrying out programs for several years, we work with our buyers upon future projects and innovations.

The national territory can be delivered successfully from Rotterdam thanks to an excellent transport network finely branched.

With a logistics base in the South of France, DOLE FRANCE can deliver efficiently its customers in the South of France, in a minimum of time.

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